Student Practice Hours

Students are required to fulfill hours of self-practice, teaching practice and observation while they are going through the training. These hours help integrate the material into their body, mind and teaching. We recommend students begin working on their hours as soon as they start the program. 



Students may count any Mat classes, Reformer classes or Pilates private sessions taken during the ITT Pilates Training Program. In addition, developing a personal practice is a great way to commit to one’s own fitness and find inspiring cues. 


Teaching Practice

Students are responsible for finding volunteers to work with for their teaching practice hours. These hours can start accumulating after the first weekend course. Students are able to practice at their host studio or another fully equipped studio if distance is an issue. 


Observation Hours

Students may watch experienced, certified Pilates instructors teaching privates or group classes. Observation is a great way to learn how instructors cue (verbal, tactile and imagery), how they sequence the exercises, and work with client’s issues. 


Apprentice Teaching Hours

Students complete Apprentice Teaching Hours, under the guidance of an ITT Pilates Educator, while participating in the Reformer Training Program, Mat & Reformer Training Program, and the Comprehensive Training Program. These sessions will be individually scheduled. The student will teach a 60 minute private session to one of their volunteer’s, while an ITT Pilates Educator gives them immediate feedback and assistance. 


Courses are scheduled on weekends, with Teaching Labs scheduled on weeknights. Depending on which program you choose, plan on spending a minimum of 5-10 hours per week, in addition to the weekend intensives, in order to practice the material and complete the required hours for the Final exam. Our Home Studio, A Body of Work, is available during the weekends and weekdays, at no additional cost, to help you fulfill your hours of self-practice and teaching practice.  


All required hours must be completed within 6 months following the last course taken in the selected Program. 


If you have some training through another organization, we are happy to consider credit into our Bridge Program. This is done on an individual basis so please contact us if you are interested. 

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