Completing the ITT Pilates Instructor Training Program

To become a fully qualified ITT Pilates Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Mat & Reformer or Comprehensive Training, you must complete all required coursework, student hours and pass a written and practical exam to demonstrate your teaching abilities.

Final Exam Details

Students participating in our Mat Training, Mat & Reformer Training or our Comprehensive Training will take the final Mat exam first and then take the Reformer final exam or Comprehensive final exam when they complete their courses and practice hours.

The Written Exam
The written exam is a combination of multiple choice, short answer questions and essay. The written exam covers exercise levels and purpose, anatomy, how to modify, equipment setup & maintenance, special populations & safety protocols.


The Practical Exam
Students will be given a series of exercises to teach for the exam. The Mat exam will include teaching some Essential Exercises. The Reformer and Comprehensive exam with be teaching a 60-minute workout on the equipment.  Your teaching skills will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Correct set–up and execution of the exercises

  • Understanding the purpose and goal of each exercise

  • Client safety

  • Appropriate sequencing

  • Ability to modify, correct and problem solve

  • ITT Pilates verbal and tactile cueing

  • Pacing of the exercises and voice quality


Students who do not pass one or both parts of the exam on the first attempt, may try again. An ITT Pilates Educator will contact you and discuss what areas you need to focus on to successfully pass on your next try. 

A Note on the ITT Pilates Certificate Exams:

Students must take their Certificate Exam within 6 months after completing the course work. After 6 months, students need to take the course again to qualify for the certificate. All Certificate exams have 2 components – a written test and a practical test. Students must pass both the written and practical tests and complete all the required hours in order to qualify for an ITT Pilates certificate. The written and/or practical test may be re-taken if not passed the first time.

Exam fees:

Mat final exam: $350

Reformer final exam: $225

Comprehensive final exam: $325

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