ITT Pilates Foundation Training

All ITT Pilates students are required to complete prerequisite courses to best prepare

them for their Pilates Training. Once this training is complete, students are eligible to continue

with ITT Pilates Mat Intensive Training, or any one of the Apparatus Courses, including the ITT Comprehensive Training path.


Anatomy & Core Dynamics

Anatomy & Core Dynamics is a full-day workshop, designed to prepare you for an in-depth look at anatomy and how it relates to movement. 

The Anatomy & Core Dynamics Course will give you a solid foundation upon which to build your knowledge as a Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Yoga, or Fitness instructor. This course will cover the basic anatomy and core activation that every movement instructor needs to know.

Learning how your body is designed to move will enhance your personal movement practice and your work as a movement instructor. 


We will cover the bones, joints and muscles used in Pilates and other exercises. We will discuss muscular imbalances we often see in different postures and how to address them. We will explore the muscles that that make up our "core" and experience them in practice labs.

This course is fun, experimental and designed for anyone interested in learning about the body.

Tuition: $200


  • Trail Guide to the Body, by Andrew Biel

  • Anatomy of Movement, by Blandine Calais-Germain

    • These books may be purchased from We recommend you purchase the most recent edition of each book.


Students are required to read following pages from each book, prior to the start of the program: Reading for ITT Pilates students

Please purchase your books well in advance to give yourself time to read and prepare for the training.

Essential Exercises

Essential Exercises (24 hours)

Developed by ITT Founders, The Essential Exercises are what make ITT Pilates Instructors so successful in their careers. These exercises are the building blocks for good movement patterns and are relevant to every body. You will learn how to identify and address muscular imbalances that interfere with effective movement training. 

This course is designed for new and experienced instructors who want to go deeper in their understanding of movement and learn tools that make Pilates exercises accessible to any body. 

The Essential Exercises are the what makes the ITT Pilates Teacher Training program stand out, Use them for deepening your own practice and become an exceptional instructor. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Learn key movement principles that build a solid foundation for movement training  

  • Tools and skills to improve kinesthetic awareness, motor control, injury prevention and recovery

  • Learn 26 exercises for spinal mobility, core strength, spine and hip extension, hip and shoulder joint mobility, lumbopelvic and scapular stability.

  • Improve fitness and athletic performance with these functional movement patterns


Tuition: $595

Materials: $80

  • ITT Pilates Essential Exercises, 6th edition,

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