ITT Pilates Teacher Training: Getting Started

1. Contact Us

The first step on your path is to meet with Jean Sullivan, owner and one of the Founders of ITT Pilates. Get your questions answered and find out which path is right for you. Send an email through the form below and Jean will get back to you within 2 days!

2. Gather Information and Choose Your Path
2. Gather Information and Choose Your Path

ITT Pilates has several options for students to complete their training. After the Pre-requisite Courses, students may take Individual Courses or commit to a more in-depth study such as the Mat & Reformer Training or the Comprehensive Training.

3. Check Your Calendar

Courses are held on weekends with some additional movement labs on Friday afternoons. Please check our Program Dates to make sure they work in your schedule.

4. Register Early to Take Advantage of Discounts

We have a special offer for students who register within two weeks of contacting us. Inquire for more details!

5. Complete the Pre-requisite Courses

All students are required to complete Pre-requisite courses: Anatomy & Core Dynamics and Essential Exercises. These courses will give you a solid foundation to build upon your personal movement practice and knowledge of anatomy for sound biomechanics. All students are required to review and read from the following list, prior to the start of the program: Reading for ITT Pilates students

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