Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ITT Pilates ?

ITT Pilates is the first and leading program for teaching Pilates instructors with an integrative approach to movement. All of our programs include the latest developments in movement science with the art of cueing to create instructors that truly make a difference. The ITT Pilates Instructor Training Program has been around since 2003, longer than most other Teacher Training Programs. The curriculum was first created by Pilates Master Trainers Jean Sullivan, Madeline Black, Debra Schubert and Joerg Chabowski. 


What happens if I miss a day or a full weekend of the training?

We understand that sometimes unexpected events happen. We will work with you and help you stay on track by arranging private sessions to make up the missed material so that you don’t get behind. There is an additional charge for the private sessions. If you need to skip an entire module of the training, it's possible to take that module in our next Training Program, at no additional cost. 


When do I take my exam?

When you have completed all your self practice hours, teaching practice hours, observation hours and Apprentice Teaching hours (when required), contact your local ITT Educator or host studio to arrange for your written and practical exam. 


How and where can I complete my student hours?

Your host studio will provide time and space for you to do your self practice, teaching practice and observation hours. Communicate directly with your host studio to find out what are the best hours for you to come into the studio. If you live more than an hour away from your host studio, you may arrange to work at a studio closer to you for your self practice and teaching practice. The studio must have all of the equipment you are learning on, and give you prior approval. Some studios will ask for a fee to use their equipment. 


How long does it take to complete all the requirements of the program?

You have up to six months after your last course to complete all the student practice hours and Apprentice hours. Then take your final exam and you will receive your certificate. If you do not complete your hours within 6 months, you will need to retake the Training Program, at full cost, in order to qualify for your final exam and certificate. 


What if I already have some training through another organization. Do you have a Bridge Program?

Yes, we welcome all students from other organizations who want to complete their training with ITT Pilates or advance their skills after certifying with another program. We will work with you individually to determine how to apply your past education and experience. Contact Us to find out more information. 

I am already certified in Pilates. Can I take ITT Pilates courses?

Pilates instructors and other movement specialists are always welcome to take ITT Pilates courses for continuing education. Instructors in Fitness, GYROTONIC®, and Yoga find our Foundation Training especially valuable. Physical Therapists and graduates enjoy going deeper in our ITT Pilates Master Level courses. 


What if I register for a course and need to cancel? 

We have a Refund Policy you will want to read thoroughly before you register


It’s hard for me to pay the full tuition in advance. Do you have a Payment Plan? 

Yes, we have a payment plan for our Mat & Reformer Training and our Comprehensive Training. Please read our Payment Plan details.


Can I host an ITT Pilates Training at my facility?

We welcome new host sites anywhere in the world. Contact Us to set up your next training.

I have several staff members to train. Is there an economical way to get everyone trained at my facility? 

We can adapt our program to your needs and come to your facility. Contact Us to learn more!

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