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Detailed information about each course.

We have a Bridge Program if you started your training with another organization and would like to join us. Contact us for more information.


Mat  Training Courses

Mat Level 1 (12 hours)

This course introduces the history of the Pilates method and it’s six underlying principles. You will learn 30 beginner-intermediate Mat exercises with their purpose, focus and anatomy.  You will also learn how to adapt the exercises for injuries, osteoporosis, and many other conditions. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Understand the 6 principles of Pilates and how to apply them in teaching

  • Be able to demonstrate and teach the concepts of neutral spine and neutral pelvis

  • Integrate the ITT Pilates Essential Exercises into a Mat class or private session to help students improve their form and execution

  • Design a beginner-intermediate Mat class with instruction for all levels 


Mat Level 2 (12 hours)

Learn the remaining 30 intermediate-advanced level Mat exercises for a complete program design. Deepen your teaching skills with hands-on techniques and inspired verbal cueing. Learn how to design Mat classes for mixed levels that allow all your students to succeed. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Create Mat exercise programs that are accessible, challenging and make an impact 

  • Use the ITT Pilates tools to see, sense and create change in your student bodies

  • Be able to assess whether students are truly engaging inner core muscles for optimal spinal motion

  • Practice critical thinking to adjust for special conditions and populations



Reformer Training Courses


Reformer Level 1 (14 hours)

The Reformer Training begins by introducing basic exercises with the ITT Pilates Essential Exercises to safely teach full body workouts to all types of individuals. Learn how to teach, see and correct for optimal core activation.


Course Objectives:

  • Safely introduce 26 beginner-intermediate Reformer exercises to all types of individuals

  • Learn the optimal equipment set-up for all different body types in supine, seated and standing exercises

  • Utilize the ITT Pilates verbal and tactile cues for effective teaching

  • Design and instruct full body workouts that improve lower body alignment, core strength and scapular stabilization 


Reformer Level 2 (14 hours) 

In this course we build to more complex exercises that challenge individuals in kneeling, standing and side lying exercises. We include more program designs, anatomy review, and tools to see, sense and create change. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Learn to teach 26 intermediate to advanced Reformer exercises to all types of individuals

  • Introduce more upper body strengthening in your workouts

  • Learn to assess and correct your client’s posture with verbal and hands-on  techniques

  • Create full body workouts with dynamic stabilization using the ITT Pilates Program Design 


Reformer Level 3 (6 hours) *optional, not required for the Reformer Instructor Certificate

Reformer Level 3 includes progressive sequences to teach Group Reformer Classes. Learn how to design classes that prepare students for more advanced exercises, how to teach mixed levels, and create classes for special populations (osteoporosis, pre and post natal, low back injuries, etc).

Foundation Courses

Anatomy & Core Dynamics (7 hours) is a full-day course designed to prepare you for an in-depth look at anatomy and how it relates to movement. This workshop covers the essentials of the musculo-skeletal system in movement and serves as the foundation for our ITT Pilates Teacher Training programs. Learning how your body is designed to move will enhance your personal movement practice and your work as a movement instructor. 

Essential Exercises (24 hours)

Developed by ITT Founders, The Essential Exercises are what make ITT Pilates Instructors so successful in their careers. These exercises are the building blocks for good movement patterns and are relevant to every body. You will learn how to identify and address muscular imbalances that interfere with effective movement training. 

This course is designed for new and experienced instructors who want to go deeper in their understanding of movement and learn tools that make Pilates exercises accessible to any body. 

The Essential Exercises are the what makes the ITT Pilates Teacher Training program stand out, Use them for deepening your own practice and become an exceptional instructor. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Learn key movement principles that build a solid foundation for movement training  

  • Tools and skills to improve kinesthetic awareness, motor control, injury prevention and recovery

  • Learn 26 exercises for spinal mobility, core strength, spine and hip extension, hip and shoulder joint mobility, lumbopelvic and scapular stability.

  • Improve fitness and athletic performance with these functional movement patterns



Individual Equipment Courses

Prerequisite: Anatomy & Core Dynamics, Essential Exercises, Mat Instructor Training or equivalent:  Or enrollment in the ITT Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Training Program. We have a Bridge Program if you started your training with another organization and would like to join us. Contact us for more information.

Cadillac/Trapeze Table (36 hours)
This course provides a thorough training in the Cadillac/ Trapeze Table exercises. You will learn beginner – advanced exercises, how to apply modifications for injuries or post- rehabilitation, and progressions for advanced clients. The course includes two 3-hour Teaching Labs and 2 hours of Apprentice Training. 

Chair and Barrels (20 hours)
This course covers beginner through advanced exercises on the Chair, Ladder Barrel and small barrel/arc.  All of these pieces of equipment are great for training athletic clients or incorporating into a group Mat or Reformer class. 


Assessment & Program Design (14 hours)

This is the culminating course of our ITT Pilates Comprehensive Training Program. You will learn how to give a postural and movement analysis for your individual clients.  From this information you learn to create individualized programs that meet your client’s goals, correct dysfunctional movement patterns, improve strength and flexibility, all in a well-balanced workout plan. Use these tools to see, sense and create change in your clients. 


Teaching Labs (3 hours each)

After completing each weekend of Apparatus training in Reformer and Cadillac, students meet to  practice and hone their teaching skills in this group class session. Students are required to attend both Teaching Labs for the program they are enrolled in. 


Apprentice Teaching Hours

Students meet individually with an ITT Pilates Educator to have a Master Trainer observe them teach a full body 1 hour session on the equipment.  Students receive immediate feedback and guidance to help them build confidence and develop their teaching skills. 

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